Environmentally Friendly


A significant amount of the materials in the landfills across the United States consist of waste from construction sites. Texas Roof Management INC is aware of this issue and takes effective steps towards minimizing our footprint on the environment. In an effort to make ourselves and our projects more environmentally friendly, TRM assesses recycling options for the roofing material we remove from existing roof systems. During the bidding phase of our roofing projects we always assess the project with regard to what materials can be recycled from the removal of existing roof systems through to the implementation of the new roofing system. As part of our bid detail, we provide clients with recycling options for each particular project. After consultation with the client, TRM and our clients make a joint decision to best optimize recycling for each specific project, and include these recycling details in the job specifications. Texas Roof Management INC takes pride in the concerted efforts we take to assess the recycling opportunities with each bid we prepare.

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